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Learning how to create volumetric jewelry from epoxy resin and dried flowers.
More than two hundred satisfied students are already selling their jewelry all over the world.
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Verified and up-to-date information
I am a self-taught practising master. I've collected this information myself piece by piece, I myself work according to this information and I am ready to share it with you.
The course was written by a lazy artist
Why spend extra effort on polishing with two pastes, if it is enough to buy one specific?
The course describes the most effective techniques for working with minimal effort
For both beginners and practicing masters
This course will be useful for both beginners and practicing artists with experience who have faced the issues in their work.
Online store discount
The full course participants have the opportunity to purchase all the necessary work materials with a 5% discount in the Glass Space Store.
Coirse's topics:

  • About the resin (what is it, what to look for when working, safety measures, links to the most popular stores)
  • Molds (what is it, how to make by yourself, where to buy)
  • Dried flowers (what to pay attention on while picking, drying types, where to buy already dried)
  • Jewelry types (what you can create of resin and jewelry findings)
  • Pouring in findings (Settings - what are they)
  • Degassing (affordable method of degassing, where to buy, working technique)
  • Sanding (what is it, required materials, work technique, long boring video of grinding in real time)
  • Polishing (what is it, required materials, video of the work process, links to stores with necessary materials)
  • Extra pouring (types and in what cases they are used)
  • Jewelry findings (types of findings, types of materials, video fastening findings to the workpiece, links to stores with jewelry findings, yes and to stores with ear hooks as well :)
  • Life hacks (a replenished section with features and nuances that bring the quality of your work to a new level)
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