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The whole course
Coirse's topics:

  • About the resin (what is it, what to look for when working, safety measures, links to the most popular stores)
  • Molds (what is it, how to make by yourself, where to buy)
  • Dried flowers (what to pay attention on while picking, drying types, where to buy already dried)
  • Jewelry types (what you can create of resin and jewelry findings)
  • Pouring in findings (Settings - what are they)
  • Degassing (affordable method of degassing, where to buy, working technique)
  • Sanding (what is it, required materials, work technique, long boring video of grinding in real time)
  • Polishing (what is it, required materials, video of the work process, links to stores with necessary materials)
  • Extra pouring (types and in what cases they are used)
  • Jewelry findings (types of findings, types of materials, video fastening findings to the workpiece, links to stores with jewelry findings, yes and to stores with ear hooks as well :)
  • Life hacks (a replenished section with features and nuances that bring the quality of your work to a new level)
    In the Glass Space Shop you can purchase all the necessary materials for work:
    - Sandpaper
    - Polish by weight
    - Silicone mats
    - Polishing attachments
    and much more.

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